Rebeletter Studios is an artistic design house that specializes in fine art, posters, album covers, typography and design services. Contact us today for a custom design solution tailored to your project. Throw a high-five if you’re down with art & design, and follow us on Twitter @rebeletter

About the Artists…

Photo by Helen Lysen. National Gallery of Art, 2012.

Jim Ford is an American visual artist and designer from Chicago. His portfolio is wide and varied, ranging from contemporary art works to custom branding typefaces, and everything between from A to Z. As a student, Jim got his start working for a small, but prolific point-of-purchase agency. He then went on to study advertising art direction and then graphic design at Columbia College Chicago, until 2005.

Jim developed a strong interest in typography and type design while at Columbia and set out to become a professional type designer upon leaving. Signing on with Ascender Corporation, and working closely with type director Steve Matteson, Jim quickly became a integral part of the design team. He has designed custom typefaces for corporations, publishers, software and hardware manufacturers, video games and devices. In addition to custom fonts, Jim has extensive expertise designing Greek and Cyrillic, as well as other non-Latin scripts and typographic symbols. You can find some of Jim Ford’s original designs and font families on MyFonts, AscenderFonts and other sites.

After becoming senior type designer at Ascender, Jim parted to start his own art & design company, Rebeletter Studios in 2010. For the last few years, he has contributed a vast world of artwork and design – designing logos, album covers, countless concert posters and everything in between. More recently his focus has shifted to fine art, producing a plethora of wildly challenging collage works and mixed media pieces. Some of his concert posters and artwork have been featured in gallery shows and published in magazines and books as well.

Jim Ford is also a family man who enjoys a simple but adventurous life, and he loves nothing more than spending time with his son Riley. He plays several instruments, having produced and performed in a variety of bands, writing and recording from his home studio. Jim continues to push graphic art beyond limits, loudly and proudly from behind the curtain at Rebeletter Studios. Art, creativity and good old-fashioned craftsmanship are a constant force in his ever-expanding professional career, and it is a passion that does not rest in his personal life either. In his own words “I am still young at art” and a long road lies ahead.

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