Land Mime

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Land Mime

This year for my birthday, my fiance Helen and I picked up a lawn jockey at a local antique shop. I had been wanting one for some time. The jockey we found was pretty old and weathered, so I decided to give it an artistic makeover. I juggled a few different ideas at first, and arrived at the “Land Mime” pun randomly, while driving or something. The Land Mime is essentially a pun, but the work has some personal symbolism as well which I will not disclose.

We also learned a few things about lawn jockeys after acquiring this. One: they are extremely heavy! This particularly jockey design “The Cavalier” was patented around 1890, and at the time, these lawn ornaments were often used to tie up horses. Which explains why this 42″ little concrete man weighs in at around 155 lbs! “Jimi the Mime” as I refer to him with my son, stood in front of the house for a while until I undertook the restoration/artification.

Late in the game, I added the small piece of “land” you see beneath him, to make him feel more “at home” indoors. After all the work, I didn’t have it in my heart to put him back out with the elements to become a shitting post for birds, or risk him being stolen or broken. I hope that he will find his way into a gallery or museum someday, or a home where others’ can share a grin with him. On that note, if you are interested in purchasing or exhibiting the “Land Mime” – please contact me to discuss. Due to the size and weight of the piece, shipping is nearly out-of-question, but he is available for pickup OR [for the right price] we will happily deliver and setup the work personally.

Special thanks to Helen Lysen for this wonderful gift, for lending her back to haul this guy around, and for photographing the process and final work. It was a team effort in many ways. Anyhow, if you got this far, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the work and wish you all a great weekend!  Cheers, Jim

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