About five years ago I started working on this album, my 2nd attempt at a solo album production, while in the height of the Duchamp days. It was finished in 2007, I just haven’t done anything with it since. There were originally 11 or 12 tracks recorded, but I recently widdled it down to six. I had discovered King Tubby and some of the early dub pioneers at the time and became inspired by that. I bought some equipment, including a Space Echo tape delay, a melodica, among other things which became essential instruments in these recordings. Here I tried my best to pay homage with classic dub techniques (even down to the titles), while expanding a bit on the genre, reggae, which it was rooted in. This is a white man’s dub. If you’re not a fan, laugh if you will. It was a phase among phases in my 20s, and while I still enjoy some of the music to this day, I’ve long moved on since. But if you do happen to be interested, please download the album – its free! Stay tuned, there’s more goodies from the vault coming. – Jim

“Dubnationale” FREE downloads on BandCamp

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