So I made these images for a Green Room Recordings compilation cd called “Dualities.” The cover art is interchangeable between the two images shown, depending which way you have the insert flipped. This is one half of the puzzle, which will be combined with other images, different but thematically similar in concept. The disc design itself isn’t finalized, but then again that’s what makes this a duali-tease!

Inspiration? Occasionally when I go to shut the lights off at night, I’ll get spooked at a glance of the coat hanger standing there and its appearance of a figure. But of course, I didn’t stop at that when I got the wind to do this. There is often a concept within a concept and compositions within compositions, and that’s definitely the case here. But as usual I will keep the symbolism and all that to myself, and open for your own interpretation.  – Jim

Concept sketch / layout for photograph.

Copyright © 2012 Rebeletter Studios. All rights reserved.

Concept & photography by Jim Ford.

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